Stay small, work happy

I’m Kate, a freelance copywriter living and working in Nottingham. I spent five years at one of the biggest agencies in the Midlands before deciding to go it alone in 2007. I’ve kept it low key, won clients through word of mouth and never had a website. Until now.
Why Tiny? In copywriting, smaller is often better. There’s beauty in brevity: two brilliantly crafted sentences are far more powerful than one great hulking block of text. It’s the small things that matter, too. Attention to detail, the subtleties of tone of voice, the little touches that bring a piece of prose to life. I understand those things.
Being tiny makes sense for me. I don’t (whisper it) have any massive ambitions to grow a big team, win fancy awards or make stupid amounts of money. I just want to write good copy for nice people. I want to carry on loving what I do.